Community Radio in Disaster Preparedness


A community radio can create awareness through participatory communication among the community members on preparedness for any disaster. Community radio, being the most intimate form of participatory media can disseminate information with the help of the listeners and adopting established models, it may also build the rapport with the listeners and act as a medium of co-learning. Through different formats of programmes such as radio drama, radio feature, radio magazine, jingles etc. community radio gives a different flavor of using a communication tool with its impact, which may not be expected from any other form of communication.
This project is supported by the Assam State Disaster Management Authority, Government of Assam. The project is continued focus on creating an enabling environment for participation of common people in production of radio programmes on disaster management; strengthen the people’s participation through Community Learning Programme (CLP) towards the effective self expression on different thematic issue of disaster management; and continued focus on providing opportunities to access the information on disaster and its management through a participatory communication strategy.

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